Blood Lines: O brave new universe that has such people in't!
King MartinKing Martin - devoted father, maker of the Pattern.

The War took a lot out of him. He wasn't always the good king and good dad he is now, and he's still sometimes a little distant or brooding or avoidant. But he is the True King, and it shows, sometimes at surprising moments. Amber has over time come to thrive under his rule, the lords of old Amber have gradually given their full loyalty and trust to the new Throne, and unlike Oberon, he doesn't try to set his children at each other's throats. Which doesn't keep them from getting there on their own, of course.

Queen DeirdreQueen Deirdre - caring mother to all the Princes and Princesses, even those who aren't her children by blood. Commander of Amber's military might. Formidable, caring, brilliant. It is said that her social and military aptitude have saved the Kingdom more than once. It is also said, generally more behind closed doors, that she saved King Martin from himself. So high is the people's opinion of her that the mildly incestuous nature of their marriage is not often remarked upon.

RandomLord Random - half-brother to Queen Deirdre, father to King Martin, grandfather to Martin's children. Previously reputed for disreputability, he found his heart softened by a good marriage, and after the War took his wife from him, he became more thoughtful and studious, though he still enjoys a certain amount of drinking and gambling and the usual pastimes. Random has served as an advisor to his son the King for many long years.

MerlinLord Merlin - cousin to King Martin, court artist and sorceror. Though he originates from the Courts of Chaos, the creatures of which are known to bear ill will towards Amber, he is beyond suspicion due to his long service for the Throne and his exile from his place of birth. An excellent theoretician and a rather obtuse teacher, he enjoys experimenting with highly technical powers and skills, and the library contains many of his incomprehensible theses.

Prince ClayPrince Clay - the first legitimate son of Martin and Deirdre. Unfailingly polite, charming, loyal and well put-together, he usually keeps to himself in Shadow, often bringing strange creatures home to populate the menagerie and experimenting with strange technological and magical devices.

Prince RumorPrince Rumor - born before Clay, turned up afterward. From his sordid roots as a street urchin in Shadow, he has grown to become sordid in new and exciting ways. The Castle is still getting sent bills for the bars he fucks up in Amber City.

Prince CecilPrince Cecil primarily makes his home in the shadow Aragon. He performs exploration and experimentation, and builds shadowpaths for the throne of Amber and for his own kingdoms. A century and a half ago, he settled refugees from the destroyed shadow Aeso in Amber City, creating an immigrant town. For the last fifteen years, he's been missing, but has finally returned...

Princess AmaraPrincess Amara is the first legitimate daughter of Martin and Deirdre. She was responsible for the destruction of shadow Aeso, when she was younger and rasher, and is known for metaphysical experimentation. She has a deep relationship with the Pattern and a spiritual following out in Shadow.

Princess Morgan
Princess Morgan
captains Amber's navy. She's an intensely loyal, practical woman who keeps to herself and cares for affairs of the Throne.

Prince MacavityPrince Macavity turned up out of Shadow twelve years ago, learned everything he could, and left again. This international man of mystery hangs out in a shadow suspiciously close to Chaos.

AsterAster is the youngest prince/ss of Amber and an enigma. But a well-loved enigma. After much indecision on the matter, she decided to be a princess, to compensate for having too many boys. Only the family knows she's a natural shapeshifter, and her Pattern walk proved most interesting...

SophiaSophia is the cat of Castle Amber. Often seen curled upon the hearth, she is usually aloof, and will often greet the Family but is suddenly not there if someone tries to capture her.

(Representative face actors in order of appearance:
Martin - James Callis
Deirdre - Elizabeth Taylor
Merlin - Robert Carlyle
Clay - Sendhil Ramamurthy
Rumor - Billy Idol
Cecil - Tony Curran
Amara - Melina Kanakaredes
Morgan - Lena Headey
Macavity - James Phelps
Sophia - a Javanese flamepoint cat